The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty-Seven

It’s day twenty-seven of the be kind to yourself challenge and the end is near. For today’s task, let’s show some appreciation for all the hard work that we have accomplished. Look how much we’ve grown over the past twenty-seven days. It still baffles me that it’s been twenty-seven days! Looking at the bigger picture and taking responsibility for my future and present, enables me to be appreciative. Throughout this process, I have learned more about myself than I could possibly imagine. I look back at my worst moments and I┬ábegin to remember how resilient I had to be to survive. The act of appreciation allows for me to be kind to my past self. I can look at myself,[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty-Six

It’s day twenty-six of the be kind to yourself challenge and today is about learning to manage our emotions by logging and analyzing them. A true understanding of our emotions and their origins can allow for us to break free from their chains. Today is about getting to the root of our emotional instability and knowing where to go from there. It’s always a good idea to start where you are. Even if you’re feeling good today, acknowledge it and accept how it came to be this way. Then, when a negative emotion overcomes and overwhelms you, you will be able to appreciate the happier state of mind you were in the past. The next question I will ask you,[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty-Five

It’s day twenty-five of the be kind to yourself challenge and today we will be looking at our past selves, then comparing them to our present selves. Instead of comparing who we are now to someone else’s path, we will be comparing to our past. The idea is to better ourselves, by trying to improve on ourselves. Allowing us to look back at our past, the good and the bad, we can properly assess where we need to grow. As this is the path of personal growth, accepting our past is the first thing we need to do. Often the most difficult part but crucial to success. My past is filled with shame. But by being vulnerable with my past,[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty-Four

Today is the twenty-fourth day of the be kind to yourself challenge, it’s all about breaking out of a rut and finding a new routine. So much easier said than done. That’s for sure. Today’s task was the most difficult task by far in this challenge. In all wholehearted truth, I wasn’t able to complete this task the way I would’ve wanted to. As an introvert, the routine that I have now is so deeply ingrained. It’s almost too difficult to break. Then I start to wonder if maybe I should change it at all. I’m not stuck in a bad rut, just one that is a little unconventional. Or just perhaps a little bit too different from my family[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty-Three

It’s day twenty-three of the be kind to yourself challenge and being prepared is one of the ways I can be kind to myself. I had an important phone call to make today, affecting my future. However, my social anxiety has a way of robbing my will to make that phone call. So, I prepared. Preparation is different from overanalyzing. I can spend hours overanalyzing a phone call that hasn’t even happened yet. Social anxiety. I can prepare for a conversation and control my own reactions. Prep. It’s a fine line, sometimes it can be blurry and sometimes it’s quite clear. Ultimately, it’s up to me and my reactions in a conversation. The moment I felt like I was ready[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty-Two

It’s day twenty-two of the be kind to yourself challenge and three weeks has officially passed! The time is going by much quicker than anticipated. For today’s challenge, working on small goals that help achieve your dreams is a great act of kindness. I often believe that my dreams are too unrealistic. With that impression, I would always ask myself, why to bother doing anything about it at all then? It’s come to my realization that listening to other peoples opinions, only evoke their fears that they project onto us. It’s either happening to us or we do it subconsciously. If you have something pulling at you to do something, then it’s much easier to work on it. Rather than[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty One

It’s day twenty-one of the be kind to yourself challenge and rewarding your hard work and accomplishments, is an integral part of the process. Being kind to yourself requires you to indulge once in a while. Let yourself be you, in all aspects. This part of the process is learning to accept that, and reward it too. As long as it has value to you, then it’s important. Acknowledge your needs and wants, and evaluate what is best for you. Only you know what to do. I love to sit back, eat some snacks and watch some tv or movies. Movies have a profound effect on me and knowing that, allows me to choose which movies to watch when I[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty

It’s day twenty of the be kind to yourself challenge and today’s task is all about music. Music can have an intrinsic value to help aid you during your most stressful moments. Well, at least it does for me. Music has been around and alive for as long as I can remember. Music feels like an alternate mindset, where time doesn’t exist and my feelings aren’t in focus. Music is much more than sounds hitting the eardrums. It’s an escape. A memory within a fleeting moment. Emotions doesn’t exist and neither does the difficulties of life. It’s time frozen but a life lived within that moment. Now, this moment can become a memory useful to recall in times of great[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Nineteen

The be kind to yourself challenge is now on day nineteen, a day to evaluate our surroundings and appreciate what we have. In moments of stress, simply looking around and appreciating what I have can alleviate some of the stress I’m experiencing. Noticing where I am in the physical world and taking note of the objects around me can allow me to get out of my head. I tend to overthink too much sometimes. So much of my life is lived in my head and not what’s around me. For example, today I spent the entire day on my bed. Never moving and never escaping. Like I said, I overthink. It can be debilitating, like a paralyzation that prevents me[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Eighteen

On day eighteen of the be kind to yourself challenge, it requests you to discover a new breathing technique that best suits you. Truthfully, today’s task should have been at the beginning of the be kind to yourself challenge. Breathing is one of the most effective ways to help you during your most stressful moments. When I’m experiencing an anxiety attack (mostly during social situations), breathing has become one the tools that I use in that instant. Usually, I would take a deep breath in (stomach expanding) for about 4 or 5 seconds, then exhale (stomach depleting) for about 8 or 9 seconds. I would repeat this several times until I’ve become more aware of my social situation. Having the[…]