A Piece Of Me

It’s Monday. It was on this day that I woke up at 8:00am and found a reason to get up out of bed. I decided to start my own personal YouTube channel. I’ve come to this conclusion simply by watching other people. Every since I was 15 years old, I imagined putting myself on the internet and creating content for people to enjoy. But that’s the thing though isn’t it. I watched, I thought, and I imagined. I never put thought into action. It was always “maybe later” or “when I have more knowledge”. But the honest truth for those excuses were because of my insecurities. I fear that people from my highschool days will stumble upon my videos and[…]

The Book Club

The Secret was written by Rhonda Byrne, with the help of many teachers that are experts in the law of attraction. The law of attraction is the foundation to understanding The Secret and the book further explores how to utilize the law of attraction to your advantage. There are three steps that are needed to successfully use The Secret: 1) Ask, 2) Believe, and 3) Recieve. I would also like to add an additional step before Asking, which is Feeling. The book delves deep into how you feel is connected to your thoughts. If you feel bad, then your thoughts must also be unhealthy. The book is well written and easy to read, with clear and concise guidelines to follow.[…]

Chapter Three: The Afterthought | A Star Wars Fan Fiction

They both realized that the closer they approached one another, the clearer their minds were. Luke vividly saw the hazel eyes that belonged to this girl. He asked her, “What is your name?”. She was reluctant to respond. She has no idea who this person is, what the person wanted, and how he was able to calm a sandstorm like he did. “My name is Luke”, he said, as if he was able to read her mind. She continues to stare at him. Frozen in time, but only for a moment. She can see the blue eyes and she knows to trust them. “Rey”, she finally said. Rey has been living on Jakku for as long as she can remember.[…]


It’s been a while. But a few nights ago, I had a dream. I dreamt of a black panther, lurking in the shadows of my mind. As daylight came, it started to approach me. I was petrified, too scared to even move. I was standing still, staring right at it. And it stared right back at me. I was paralyzed, unable to even think of what to do. Fear took over me and I knew I was in danger. But what was I suppose to do? Any way you think of it, I would be mauled. The black panther continues her approach, growling, losing her patience. She leaps at me. Then I wake up. I haven’t been able to interpret[…]

The Book Club

This is the start of the book club, a place where we can build our personal strengths and share how we feel. I used to spend most of my time reading books and learning new things about anything that interested me. However, I did have a hard time sharing my thoughts and ideas with others, especially since they haven’t read the same book that I have. I used to have much enthusiasm about reading, but it slowly diminished as time went by and less frequent discussions about the books that I love. We will start with something that inspires me, and I refer back to it each time I need a little pick me up. It’s The Secret by Rhonda[…]

Chapter Three: The Afterthought | A Star Wars Fan Fiction

Luke firmly believes now that he must follow the person that sped past him on their red speeder bike. It’s his only focus and he is determined to follow down that path that could potentially change how his mind clears. He is unsure of the outcome, as the future of this interaction is unknown. He can’t seem to visualize anything except hazel eyes surrounded by darkness. Through obscurity, the truth must be revealed. The identity of the person will ignite powerful feelings that Luke has learned to ignore. He’s almost there. The speeder is now too far to see with his naked eye. Without hesitation, he steps into his x-wing and the engines are in full throttle. His heart is[…]

Is There Anyone Else Out There

I apologize for the last couple of posts, they have been slightly depressing. I told myself that I wasn’t going to write today because I didn’t want to put this kind of energy out in the world. But I realized that this a natural part of my life. I live with depression and anxiety. There will be days when I feel completely free and other days when I feel trapped. I have the tendency to bottle things up without properly expressing myself. And it always leads to disaster. One of the things that I learned over the years, is to never make a decision while depressed. My thoughts are clouded and I can’t visualize clearly enough to make an informed[…]

Chapter Three: The Afterthought | A Star Wars Fan Fiction

She looks up at the night sky as the darkness cools the hot planet. The stars shine brightly with bursts of energy, filling her up with desire. Her back against the foot of an old AT-AT that was destroyed from a previous battle. She continues to stare up at the stars, consciously dreaming of another life. An idea that she wishes would come true, but nothing ever happens. She always wakes up in the same belly of the AT-AT, feeling less hopeful as the days go by. She picks herself up but continues to stare up at the night sky. She takes a deep breathe, with a glimmer of hope that she could live a different life. It’s early in[…]

the unsureness of it all...

It’s my summer break. I have lots of time, but yet it feels like its passing by, and I’m having a difficult time grasping the reality that is time. I ponder too much about life that isn’t happening and begin to miss the life that is actually happening. Is this my reality? Is this what I’ve created for myself in this life? In vast emptiness, all the things that I can see, aren’t actually there. It’s part of my imagination. What’s left of it all, is a memory, a memory spent standing still and not doing anything about it. I come to the realization how imperative it is to move. But the question always remains, to where? A second question[…]

It was too late before I came to the realization, that my Focaccia was not prepared properly. The consistency of the dough remained when taking a bite out of the Italian bread. Which by the way, is really fun to make! But definitely not fun to eat. As I followed the recipe and read it over again to check to see where I went wrong, I realized that I missed a crucial step in the success of making bread. Proving. I didn’t let the dough rise, and it failed to rise to the occasion. The smell of the rosemary, completely sold me on this dish. I was willing to take more bites simply for the rosemary, mixed with olives and tomatoes.[…]