As Darth Vader emerges from the smoke, I begin to realize my excitement transcends more than the movie itself. From watching the trailer, I recognize my child like expressions and start to marvel at how immersed I already feel. Excitement is truly an understatement. I try to connect every shot in relation to the movie, and how it connects to the original trilogy. I’m getting caught up in the fan theories, and I start to feel strange. Like I’m cheating on the movie by guessing and assuming what’s going to happen before it even comes out. I stop myself, and I begin to write this blog post because otherwise I would be emerged in a sea of nit picking, fan theories,[…]

  Star Wars hasn’t been in my life for very long, 6 years, maybe that does seem long but when comparing to other fans, it is relatively short. Then, when comparing to the amount of time between 1977 until now, six years is very short. However, that doesn’t change the amount adoration that I have for this particular universe. My first memory of Star Wars was when I was 10 or 11 years old, and Return of the Jedi was playing on a television network as a promotional tool for The Phantom Menace premiere, later on that year. Which I assume is now more common than ever. I remember eating chocolate ice cream at my grandmothers house when Return of the[…]