This morning, I woke up feeling excited. I decided to explore my culture further by expanding my knowledge of the food we eat. Italian cuisine mainly consists of pasta like dishes, therefore, it’s the easiest thing for me to make since I know how to do it so well. I wanted to start with something familiar but also stepping outside of my comfort zone when I’m in the kitchen. So I made cheese stuffed shells, which is large pasta shells, filled with a mixture of cheese.

It was a pleasant surprise how readily and easily cooking came to me. In the kitchen, it’s supposed to be filled with happy memories shared with family.  However, over time, that has changed. I think there’s a part of me that hopes that cooking this kind of food, will bring my family together in the kitchen again. Creating new memories, and new stories to share, reflect on in the future. As my family takes a single bit, I can see their faces gleam with satisfaction and enjoyment of the food.

The dish mainly consists of mozzarella, ricotta, and parmesan cheese. Blended and mixed together with beaten eggs, salt, and pepper, created a tasteful filling. As I baked this in the oven, my house filled with a gorgeous smell that was intriguing and enticing. It’s a beautiful thing to share this memory with my family. Hope you’re doing well, and I shall write to you again soon.

Recipe: Cheese Stuffed Shells

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