Avatar came out during an awkward time in my life, as I was transitioning from high school to college. I was having a very difficult time making that transition as smooth as possible, and I failed at it. But the only thing that was getting me through it, was movies. In particular, Avatar, because it provoked something within myself and made me appreciate life a little bit more. The amount of detail that was shown on screen is mesmerizing, truly a wonder to admire. After watching a movie like that, it’s hard not to feel inspired. It has given me this wonderful feeling of hope.

     Every Friday morning, at exactly 11:00am when McDonalds was open for lunch, I would buy my munchies and excitedly run to the basement corner of my parents house and watch Avatar. I would do this ritual for almost a year. That incredible feeling of hope, never truly went away the more I watched the movie. In fact, it would grow. I’m hopeful for my future, and I try not to worry so much about my past anymore. Every once in a while, I remind myself that it’s healthy to reconnect with nature. Whether that is by going for a hike, going to the park, or simply lounging in the backyard. It’s okay to take a break from this life and to enjoy the peacefulness of the “bigger picture”.

     It’s very rare for a film to capture my attention long enough, and it’s even more rare for a film to change my perspective on life. I appreciate that about this movie, because of that new perspective I’m able to experience joy and happiness a little bit different from now on. And when I watch the movie every once in a while, I will be reminded of that. Now that the movie has been out for more than seven years, one thing that I never thought that would I would get to experience is, nostalgia. I get to look back at the years when Avatar existed in my world, and I get to look back fondly. For an incredible film, matched with incredible memories, I wait patiently for the sequels, in hope for something similar.

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