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  Star Wars hasn’t been in my life for very long, 6 years, maybe that does seem long but when comparing to other fans, it is relatively short. Then, when comparing to the amount of time between 1977 until now, six years is very short. However, that doesn’t change the amount adoration that I have for this particular universe. My first memory of Star Wars was when I was 10 or 11 years old, and Return of the Jedi was playing on a television network as a promotional tool for The Phantom Menace premiere, later on that year. Which I assume is now more common than ever. I remember eating chocolate ice cream at my grandmothers house when Return of the Jedi aired. The house was filled with noise, loud talkers, and laughter. Star Wars was one of the first films to cancel out all the noise and allowed me to focus my attention on the television set. The scene most memorable was when Luke fought the Rancor and escaped Jabba The Huts palace to the rescue of his friends.

  I was 18 years old when I first watched A New Hope, I just started college and I was in a very confusing time in my life. Star Wars then became an escape. I watched the original trilogy every weekend. Every weekend for a whole year. Over the past six years I have been collecting small items (mostly children toys and posters) and slowly building my knowledge about this fantastic universe. I’m hooked, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  On August 10th, I was patiently waiting for the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer to be released. I refreshed my twitter timeline and the Star Wars youtube channel, several times per hour, every hour, until 11:30pm when it was finally released. I was very trepidatious, I was in fear that this trailer would make me too excited or reverse my excitement for the films release. Hype is a word that is overused and abused in todays film community and I worry that it affects my film going experience. I’m trying not to watch other peoples trailer reviews on Youtube, or read about it on other social media platforms. I don’t want another persons opinion to change my own. This post is about the new trailer and my own thoughts on it, so in kind regards, stop reading now if you’re not interested in my opinion or if you don’t want your own opinion to possibly change.

  By now I’ve watched the trailer roughly 6 times. This number will change as time goes on, and as the countdown to the release gets smaller. First thing, I truly love this trailer. It does exactly what a trailer is suppose to do. The audience does not know the general plot lines of the story, and most of the characters still remains a mystery. Therefore, the film will benefit from the element of surprise. This is exactly what makes this journey continuously exciting, and I’m bursting with the urge to know more about this movie. The opening sequence shows the forceful impact that the Empire has on a planet. Their impact on society proves the importance that the Empire must be destroyed.

  As the trailer continues, we see a team start to assemble, its the team that will retrieve the data of the Death Star. This is the part that becomes the most intriguing for me. I can imagine being in that situation, penetrating into the enemy’s base and causing chaos that doesn’t have a positive outcome. I can feel the same fear that the characters are feeling, and that is the best part of this trailer. It’s that feeling.

  This very much feels like a Star Wars movie, but it’s not just that, at it’s core it’s a battle movie. It’s evident that it’s portrayed this way because of the ground battle sequence that is shown, and it does seem very gripping. This inherently makes this different from the other Star Wars movies because were not following the Skywalker storyline anymore. This is a side of the universe that the audience hasn’t seen before, and it is a risk. In a way, isn’t Star Wars about taking risks? Going on that journey, into the unknown?

  Lastly, I really just wanted to point out the cinematography and the imagery in this trailer. It’s absolutely stunning. The way the shots are made, it really emphasizes how truly big the Death Star is and it made me re-evaluate my thoughts on the previous films. The Death Star is like a character on its own, and it’s something to be unequivocally afraid of.

  In conclusion, this trailer made me even more excited for the movie. I’m grateful for it, as it reassures me that something as beloved as this universe is being taken care of by the right people. This was my first trailer review, and I know it’s not the best and I hope I get better in time but I still had a blast writing it! Now, I will go and watch the trailer a few more times, soak it all in, because eventually the excitement will fade into impatience again. I hope you all have a wonderful day, a wonderful Star Wars day!

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