As Darth Vader emerges from the smoke, I begin to realize my excitement transcends more than the movie itself. From watching the trailer, I recognize my child like expressions and start to marvel at how immersed I already feel. Excitement is truly an understatement. I try to connect every shot in relation to the movie, and how it connects to the original trilogy. I’m getting caught up in the fan theories, and I start to feel strange. Like I’m cheating on the movie by guessing and assuming what’s going to happen before it even comes out.

I stop myself, and I begin to write this blog post because otherwise I would be emerged in a sea of nit picking, fan theories, youtube videos, and endless more. Why do I find myself always stuck in that particular routine, a routine that is hard to get out of.

Star Wars, Rogue One

I’m absolutely enjoying every moment of the trailer, actually, I’m enjoying all of the trailers. Everything that has been released so far, has proven to me that the movie will be meeting my expectations. Now, if it doesn’t. I honestly don’t think that it will bother me because this is something new that is being done here. I can’t fault Star Wars of trying something new and not succeeding at it, but rather just enjoy the ride for what it is and what is to come.

The trailer does show more character development, especially the main character, Jyn Erso. I’d figure that everything that was revealed about her character in this trailer would have been left for the actual movie going experience. However, I do think this was the correct move to make because now we can explore the emotional weight behind every actions she takes. Also, it does add an air of mystery about her family history and how it connects to the Star Wars history.

Sixty-three, 63 days until the movie is released in theatres. I stare at this countdown, and I remind myself of last year. When the Force Awakens was about to be released. The realization and the beginning of a new Star Wars movie every year now has begun to settle with me, and I’m grateful to get to have this experience with millions of other people. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to explore Star Wars at a deeper level. This trailer fills the promise of adventure, and I’m truly excited to go exploring! Check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it, I posted it above!

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