Chapter Three: The Afterthought | A Star Wars Fan Fiction

Luke stares at Rey, his eyes burning and his lips forced tightly together. He doesn’t know why he felt the need to follow her. The moment lingers for too long and Luke opens his mouth and takes a deep breath in. And he answers all he knows, “You”. Both Rey and Luke are taken aback from this answer. Rey is the answer, how could that be? What does she know that could benefit Luke in any way?

“Me?”, says Rey in a quivering voice. Rey’s mind is unsure of what to think of and all that comes to mind is her past. She asks Luke, “Do you know who I am?”. With some hesitation, Luke answers her question with a stern look on his face. “No, I do not.” “Then what is it that you seek from me then?”, asks Rey, confused. Even Luke doesn’t know how to answer. It’s true that Luke doesn’t understand why he felt gravitated towards her. He begins to unravel her mind as the conversation continues on. He sees that she is stronger than she knows.

Luke sees potential in Rey, that much is for sure. He is beginning to understand why he’s there with her. It’s at this point in Rey’s life that she begins to wonder if life is larger than the confines that she has created for herself. So life begs the question, where do I go from here? And where shall I go next? Life posed a question that needed an answer, “How would you like to train to become a Jedi?”. Rey’s eyes lift up from looking down at her empty bowl of food and gazes across the room to make sure she heard Luke right.

“A Jedi? Me?”, Rey says, more curious than ever before. She started thinking about the moments before she met Luke, how she felt so sure of herself in her own world. It wasn’t until meeting Luke that she began to wonder more about her life and how big it can really be. Was this the sign that she should acknowledge? She asks herself multiple times if she thought a myth can be her reality. And if she can suspend the myth, could this possibly be her future. She stands up after sitting for a long while and looks around her. Her stomach is aching from the proposed question.

She could leave this life behind. All that she knows, she can disappear from it. She imagines that it would feel incredibly good to start something new. Her mind is filled with intrigue. She started thinking that this might possibly be the beginning to discovering her past and how she got where she is now. Maybe Luke is the answer that she never knew she needed.  Rey began to truly feel that this was meant to be happening. There meeting is no coincidence and this is an opportunity that must be followed through.

“Will you teach me?”, Rey asks with hopefulness, directly staring at Luke now.

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