Chapter Three: The Afterthought | A Star Wars Fan Fiction

They both realized that the closer they approached one another, the clearer their minds were. Luke vividly saw the hazel eyes that belonged to this girl. He asked her, “What is your name?”. She was reluctant to respond. She has no idea who this person is, what the person wanted, and how he was able to calm a sandstorm like he did. “My name is Luke”, he said, as if he was able to read her mind. She continues to stare at him. Frozen in time, but only for a moment. She can see the blue eyes and she knows to trust them. “Rey”, she finally said.

Rey has been living on Jakku for as long as she can remember. At the age of 21, she can recognize that she has been living in survival mode. Every day is a fight to live on limited water and food. Her home is scrap from an old battle, leftovers, forgotten by the galaxy. For a long time, she felt that she belonged there because she too was forgotten. She was forced to live on Jakku, as her earliest memory serves.

A ship traveling at light speed, noises overpowering all of her senses. The inside of the ship is dark with little light passing by. She knows she’s landing because of the amount of time a light passes by, from the large sun. The ship lands abruptly. She was pushed out the exit of the ship by a figure veiled by the passage of time. Memory becomes imaginations. She looks up as she pulls herself up from the sand, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. The ship is leaving. She runs towards it, screaming. She was 6 years old, forgotten.

Over the years, her self-image became blurry. The girl that she was and the person that she is now, is radically different. There is no resemblance. Her strength relies on her will to live, her emotional intelligence doesn’t exist anymore. She’s been alone. Limited interactions with social groups and the rest of the galaxy. It’s almost like the world was her own, at first it’s scary, but over time it becomes the norm. She stopped asking questions about her past and started focusing on her reality. The endless sea of sand and endless days of heat, swarming her need to live. She perseveres. Looking up at the sky, watching ships leave the atmosphere. Dreaming of another life that she wished she had.

The memory comes back, viscerally, as she noticed Luke. She felt this great need to know more about him, to discover something new. She contemplates asking him to her home. She wonders if her need for social connection is the main drive for her decision making. She does it anyway because those blue eyes continue to search her. She can trust Luke, knowing that she will gain knowledge of her past life, at least, she hopes to. Luke agrees to follow her to her home.

Out there, in the emptiness, on the horizon, a place she calls home but never feels like home. She’s waiting for something else. Their minds both begin to fill with questions. Questions that they hope will be answered. The speeder and the x-wing come to a full stop, and they both exit their vehicles. They don’t say much, but they know to continue on. They enter into Reys home and find a place to settle in. She would offer him food, but Luke declines knowing her state of affairs. She gives him a piece of bread anyways.

This is the hardest part. They both don’t know where to start. Who should talk first or who should ask the question first. Rey was feeling more anxious as the time went by, silently. It feels like everything slowed down, and she was finally able to catch a breath in the midst of her unsettled mind. She allows a small amount of courage to ask Luke, “Who are you?”. Luke stops thinking of what to say and actually tells her that he is a Jedi. Rey’s heart starts racing and her stomach drops. A Jedi? She never thought that she would meet a Jedi, let alone have one in her home. Her eyes are wide, filled with intrigue. Her mind continues to fill with more questions and not enough answers. She must ask this next question, with great trepidation…

“Why are you here?…”

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