Chapter Three: The Afterthought | A Star Wars Fan Fiction

Luke Skywalker, after years of liberation, found himself lost. He decided to run from things that caused great disturbances in the force, including himself. No one knows where he is, and no one dared to ask why. All that is known, is that Luke will never come back. Fear clouds the cities across the galaxy, a fear greater than ever perceived before. In the beginning, people wondered and created their own stories of the mysterious disappearance of Luke Skywalker, but over time, people slowly began to forget. It’s been thirty years now.

He stands at the edge, at a precipice, pondering and deep in thought. His eyes closed, trying to quiet the noise that surrounds him. The birds aren’t chirping, the waves aren’t crashing against the rocks, and the wind is at a complete standstill. But yet, he still hears a noise. It’s small, quiet, and covered with darkness. Luke’s eyes slowly open, letting in all the light from the sun of the moon of Jakku. The lights fill him greatly, enticing his need to continue searching to quiet the noise.

Luke boards a spacecraft, an old x-wing that he found on his journey to quiet his mind. He enters calmly, reminded of his youth battling the Empire, and how much he has grown as a force user. As the engines turn on, he is reminded of the feelings of defeat and how familiar it feels now. To search for the unknown, while continuously being hidden, creates delusions that further skews Luke’s perception of the galaxy.

Before Luke flies off, he looks up at a planet. Jakku. It feels oddly comforting, yet strange with a hint of something new. He agrees to take another risk, and venture out to Jakku to explore his thoughts and feelings more on that planet. As he leaves the atmosphere, he see’s a glimpse of a future. The image isn’t clear, and all he can see are hazel eyes, eyes that belong to someone that is waiting. Luke begins to wonder if this means anything. He asks himself if this is the noise that he has been trying to quiet. He dwells on this moment, trying to remember those eyes, to ensure that he will recognize them.

As Luke enters Jakku’s orbit, he notices how familiar the planet is to where he grew up, Tatooine. He quickly focuses on his destination, as it becomes clear to him that reminiscing causes him to feel uneasy. As Luke lands, he can’t help but feel agitated. He steps out of the x-wing and firmly lands his feet on the sand. He looks far at all directions. Nothing. He sees nothing but vast emptiness. His doubts begin to grow, but those hazel eyes are telling him to keep going. Luke agrees.

Luke closes his eyes. Takes a deep breath in and feels the warm air fill his lungs as the heat is overwhelming. He begins to quiet the sand freely moving with the wind, the heat begins to cool and the engines of the x-wing calm down. The small noise is no longer there. Luke is unsure of what that means. Maybe he is in the wrong place, or possibly forever losing that noise and replaced with complete quietness. He stands still. His stomach drops, and ears slightly tingle. He hears something, but it’s not in his mind but in the physical world.

Luke slowly opens his eyes, as he is blinded by the overwhelming brightness of the sun, he catches a glimpse of something in the far distance. It’s headed in his direction. It whirs and whips in the hot sand, slowly approaching Luke. He begins to feel panic as this would be his first contact with another living being in a very long time. Some time has passed, and Luke can recognize that the approaching object is a speeder. The speeder continues in his direction. Luke is standing in complete stillness, meditating on his feelings. The speeder is closer, but the speed remains the same.

Luke is able to see a person riding the speeder, all alone. There is no one else. The faded red color of the speeder is evident, clearly showing years of use and slight deterioration. The speed continues, without slowing down. He is facing the direction of the speeder rider, but there is no slowing down of the speeder. The space between them becomes smaller and smaller. But Luke stands still. The speeder seems like it’s about to crash into Luke’s x-wing but doesn’t. The wind whips by Luke, exciting all of the sand, blurring his vision. Luke is now seeing the back of the speeder, as he walked around the front of his x-wing.

He stares out in the direction of the speeder that had just past him. His hands touching each other, as his cloak continues to move freely with the wind. His face emitting curiosity, and the noise becomes louder than before, he felt the need to close his eyes. As his eyes closed, all he can visualize are those hazel eyes. He is sure now, that he is in the right place. He opens his eyes again and stares out at the speeder so far in the distance, that seems like a red dot on the horizon. For the first time in a long time, Luke has a slight smile on his face.

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