Chapter Three: The Afterthought | A Star Wars Fan Fiction

Luke firmly believes now that he must follow the person that sped past him on their red speeder bike. It’s his only focus and he is determined to follow down that path that could potentially change how his mind clears. He is unsure of the outcome, as the future of this interaction is unknown. He can’t seem to visualize anything except hazel eyes surrounded by darkness. Through obscurity, the truth must be revealed. The identity of the person will ignite powerful feelings that Luke has learned to ignore. He’s almost there.

The speeder is now too far to see with his naked eye. Without hesitation, he steps into his x-wing and the engines are in full throttle. His heart is beating so loud, he can almost feel it pulsating in all limbs. Luke tries to remember a time if this ever happened before, as this goes against what Yoda has taught him. The only thing that pops up in his mind, is his father. He died a while ago, but there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t think of him. He pushes forward anyway.

He stays low to the ground as he is flying, searching for the speeder. The anticipation of meeting this person seems to be overwhelming Luke, in a way that is familiar. Some time has passed and he quickly notices something in the corner of his eye. He turns his head in that direction and notices a red dot on the horizon. Instantly, Luke changes his path and follows in the direction of the red dot. His x-wing is faster than a speeder, that’s for sure. So it will be in a few moments when he is about to meet this stranger.

Slowly the horizon unravels a small town, packed with people and machinery from different worlds. The red dot seems larger now. Luke continues on, pondering what exact words to say to this person, but comes to find that he cannot form words to express himself. He thought that the best approach was to say nothing at all. Perhaps the stranger will be intrigued. It becomes clear that the speeder stops and parks, and Luke notices a scarf that trails behind the person. Luke begins to descend the x-wing and decelerates. Coming to a full stop, he looks up from his instruments and notices that the stranger is hidden between the sea of shops and people.

Concerned, but yet reaffirms to himself that the person must not have gone far. He steps out of his x-wing and furthers his search. He slowly puts on his hood of the cloak, as the sun is shining particularly bright. The wind sweeps by ever so often, but it’s gentle and carefully caresses Luke’s face as he walks by the shops. He’s trying to focus on a beige scarf, camouflaging with the sand. He looks straight forward, and his mind becomes decompressed by nothing but darkness. No noise. The sea of people starts drifting in sight as the wind becomes strong and fierce. Luke sees a scarf billowing in the wind, occasionally covering its owners face.

Luke, with his hand close to his face to protect him from the sand whipping in the wind, approaches the stranger, slowly. In a few minutes, he will know. It feels like time has come to a standstill, Luke breathes as hard as the wind pushes up against him. He stops moving.

The girl engaging with the shop owner, paused. She looks to her left and sees the same man as the one in the vast emptiness of sand, the one she passed by so quickly. She thought she would feel scared, but yet, all she can feel is sureness. She does nothing but stares at the man. The people are now covering up their storefronts with a sheet-like material, trying to protect their items. The market looks seemingly closed as the people have fled because of the harsh winds and sand. But yet the girl and the man stand facing each other in the middle of it all. A sandstorm begins and surrounds the marketplace, but they cannot move.

Luke is sure of one thing, this is the person. The girl. He tries to quiet his mind, to quiet the wind, to quite the sand. He feels at peace now, knowing that he is in the right place after all the years. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. As he exhales, the wind stop and sand falls to the ground. The girl is surprised, confused, looks around her as she is amazed by what’s happening around her. She smiles.

She looks back at the man and continues to stare with awe. Unafraid, she takes a step forward. So does Luke.

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