The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Seventeen

Asking for help is always hard, the stigma of asking for help causes greater concern for those that truly need it. On day seventeen of the be kind to yourself challenge enables you to ask for help when you need it. Help comes in many different forms, a community online that shares similar experiences with you is one.  Reading a self-help book is one of the best ways to start asking for help. I find solace when I read, evoking curiosity and disavowing further detriment to my mental state. Reading has a power that I can recognize and use to the best of my ability. That’s why I chose reading as a tool for asking help. It’s the first step when[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Sixteen

On day sixteen of the be kind to yourself challenge, looking towards the sun and facing your fears can reveal what lies beneath your shadows. Your shadows have been hiding in a dark room, unable to see the light. The light is needed to unmask the darkness, allowing for warmth to take over. The cold will slowly fade and all that is left is your scars. The scars will serve as a reminder. My scars unveil my shame and embarrassments. However, that is all in the past, allowing myself to step into the light to be seen is something to not be ashamed of. My presence matters and the difference is that I know that now. My fears kept me[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Fifteen

It’s day fifteen of the be kind to yourself challenge, for today, let’s take a quick break. We’ve been working hard on ourselves for the past two weeks now, it’s time to re-energize. I won’t lie, the past few days have been hard, or I have been hard on myself. Which, in large part, is why I decided to give myself a break for today’s challenge. Taking a break allowed me to let my mind flow freely. Once in a while, you’re going to lift your head up and wonder something similar. You’ll start to question your hard work, question your self-worth based on statistics. Eventually, it will happen. You won’t be the first and you won’t be the last.[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Fourteen

On day fourteen of the be kind to yourself challenge requests you to evaluate one of your own faults and develop the understanding to look at it in a positive way. I recommend journaling to help you if you struggle with this. Today was just as interesting as the day before and now I’m sensing a pattern that I have experienced before. I didn’t have a bad day, but it wasn’t nearly as good as I hoped for it to be. This is when I realized that one of my own faults, relies solely on my past and how it currently affects my present. I tend to compare my past with my present, hence forth more negativity ensues as I failed to[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Thirteen

The be kind to yourself challenge is on its thirteenth day and today’s task will allow you to be more creative with your thinking. Visualization can be an exceptional tool to use to help shape the future you’re looking for. Think of your life as a blank canvas, then start dreaming up a life you can think of. There are no boundaries in visualization, it’s all purely your own desires. This morning, right after I’ve woken from a sleepless night. I tried visualization, however, it was later on during the day that I realized that this was probably not for the best. The lack of sleep and the frustration caused by that lack of sleep created a mindset that was[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twelve

Day twelve of the be kind to yourself challenge offers a new set of obstacles that I wasn’t even fully aware of yet. Today’s task was to spend the day with wholeheartedness, which can be an odd concept to grasp. I’ve spent today facing certain realities that I knew I should have been more prepared for. I have a tendency to exit my front door with someone by my side. Interacting with other people in certain social situations causes me great discomfort (more about that another day). I heavily rely on other people to accompany me to ease any social interactions. Today, was the first time I had to go at it alone. Although, I wasn’t alone, to be honest.[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Eleven

Eleven days and we’re nearing the end of the second week of the be kind to yourself challenge. I start pondering how much progress I’ve made and how much further I’ll go. I mean this in a positive light, I’ve made effective developments psychologically.  Looking at where I am at the moment, and comparing to who I was before the challenge started to where I’ll end up is fascinating. Upon reflection, one mantra stood out the most to me, No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. -Eleanor Roosevelt I know it may seem like a quote to many, but over time it has become my mantra. I have this written everywhere, from my notebooks to the walls of[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Ten

The be kind to yourself challenge continues to prove its harshness, only to confirm the amount of personal work that needs to be completed. On day ten, the task is to be self-compassionate throughout the day. The tendency to have a poor self-image is reliant on how we talk to our selves. It’s through self-compassion that our self-image is especially relevant because our thoughts affect our perceptions. The perception that I have of my self, is entirely different than how other people see me. To be honest, I’m learning that it’s okay to not seek validation from others. I won’t be able to change how people choose to see me, but I can change how I see myself. It’s with this[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Nine

It’s nearing the end of day nine of the be kind to yourself challenge, and the requirement of today’s exercise was to actively practice gratitude. This could be done in many ways, in any way that makes your comfortable. For me, I like to write them down in a notebook. This allows me to visually see the items and actually feel the feelings of gratitude. I wrote about being surrounded by love and that I’m grateful to have the support that I need. I will always be grateful for the love of my family, even though I sometimes take it for granted. It’s through this exercise that I can see how much more I need to be appreciative of the[…]

The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Eight

The first week of the be kind to yourself challenge has gone and past. I look back at the past week and I’ve begun to realize the start of something that I will look back on fondly. Maybe not right now because, as I came to understand, being kind to yourself is a daily practice. A practice that must be integrated carefully into my daily routine. Today’s exercise was all about spreading positivity, whether it’s on an online community or other social networks (this could also include communities offline). The hardest part about this challenge is being able to open up and share your experiences. Vulnerability seems very scarce in the world that we live in, but ironically, vulnerability can[…]