I’ve been alone for the majority of my life (relationship wise), and I actually mean all of my life. It’s what I know how to do best, and I learned to love that part of myself. Being alone doesn’t make me feel different or strange. I learned to enjoy my own company, my own thoughts, and what makes me a person.

     I’m proud to be independent but there was a time that I never thought that I would be. It’s scary, to be honest. Going shopping alone, going to the movie theatre alone, eating lunch alone, can seem very daunting and it may even feel like everyone is staring. But taking that first step, will be the hardest, but it will also be the most freeing. Imagine clipped wings, strapped by other peoples opinions, thoughts and actions. Not able to move without someone else’s guidance, without someone else’s hands to shape you into a person that you’re not.

     When you take that first step, your wings start to move on its own. Eventually, you’re able to spread your wings and you start to enjoy the stability of your own strength. I would be lying if I said that its that simple, but it’s not. Your true strength comes from within yourself, depending on other people to make you who you are, will always fail. You can’t put your own happiness in someone else’s hands, create your own happiness and start to enjoy discovering and creating who you truly are.

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