Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Four

Today’s Be Kind To Yourself challenge included colouring, akin to when I was younger but for some reason, I’ve allowed myself to forget. I used to lose myself within creative endeavours, but I’ve forgotten to let myself be free within that space. The role of today’s task was to not only colour but also re-examine what you’ve forgotten for the sake of reality.

How distant are your dreams compared to how close reality is to you right now? At what age did our realities become overridden with fear that chasing a dream is just that, a dream? Somewhere along those lines, between and far from each other, there is an answer. There’s a space that needs to be rediscovered, a space that was once held by a child filled with hope. That hope has now become despair and is now held by an adult that I cannot recognise anymore.

It’s through creativity that I can allow myself to rediscover my true self. To fight the resistance and allow my dreams to come to the forefront is scary. It makes my heart race just thinking about it. My stomach becomes tighter knowing that fear and turbulence are ahead of me on this journey. The only question that I can dare to ask myself is, how far am I willing to go to chase those dreams that I once had?

Let me know what you’re experience was with today’s challenge and exercise!

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