The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Eight

The first week of the be kind to yourself challenge has gone and past. I look back at the past week and I’ve begun to realize the start of something that I will look back on fondly. Maybe not right now because, as I came to understand, being kind to yourself is a daily practice. A practice that must be integrated carefully into my daily routine.

Today’s exercise was all about spreading positivity, whether it’s on an online community or other social networks (this could also include communities offline). The hardest part about this challenge is being able to open up and share your experiences. Vulnerability seems very scarce in the world that we live in, but ironically, vulnerability can lead to vastness.

When opening up to positivity and vulnerability, I, in return, received the same from others. Isn’t that what we seek as human beings? The willingness to share our stories but to also be heard can be so difficult, it’s hard to practice vulnerability but it’s incredibly worth it. This task has been more receptive and receiving¬†quicker results than the others. And that’s okay. It’s something I can do to benefit others and myself at the same time. A quick trick to lift my mood and spread positivity.

Let me know what your experience with the be kind to yourself challenge today was like down below!

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