Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Five

Self-talk, arguably one of the most difficult to ignore. Yet, negative self-talk perpetuates a continued trend in my life and my mind. What I’m consciously thinking about, creates a vibe that either alludes me or exudes from me. On day five of the be kind to yourself challenge, let’s change the negative self-talk to a more positive experience that can help in more ways than one.

Earlier today, I was actually having a rough time with my emotions. They were getting to the best of me and I was about to let it happen. Today’s challenge allowed me to stop (mentally picturing the words “stop” helps if you’re a visual person, like myself) and I was able to evaluate what was happening within the confines of my mind. A few deep breaths later, I felt like I slowed down and had a better perspective on the situation.

I was able to rely on myself to complete a task that I thought was overwhelming and deterring any of my interests success in the future. I became scared and decided to hide in moments of anger but after today’s exercise, I told myself that I can do it on my own. And I did. I will say one thing, just knowing the capabilities of how far you’re willing to go to complete something, speaks volumes to your character. I’m glad to have had the events unfold the way they did today because now I know something that I would have otherwise neglected. My own persistence and intelligence.

Let me know below how your experience with day five of the be kind to yourself challenge was!

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