The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Fourteen

On day fourteen of the be kind to yourself challenge requests you to evaluate one of your own faults and develop the understanding to look at it in a positive way. I recommend journaling to help you if you struggle with this. Today was just as interesting as the day before and now I’m sensing a pattern that I have experienced before. I didn’t have a bad day, but it wasn’t nearly as good as I hoped for it to be.

This is when I realized that one of my own faults, relies solely on my past and how it currently affects my present. I tend to compare my past with my present, hence forth more negativity ensues as I failed to grow. Or at least, I think I have failed to grow. My usual thought process includes the kind of thinking that I’m stuck in the past and never being able to move forward. However, that’s not necessarily true. I have changed, I have grown. I work harder now than I ever had before, that’s real change (I can be classified as a couch potato). Another fault that I need to accept, is that I rely on quick results. When in fact, I should be savoring every moment and enjoy them as I experience them.

So, yes, today was indeed strange. There are changes that have happened and there are changes that will eventually happen. But for some reason, the in-between is making feel stuck. In my mind, I know what I want, but in the physical world, it feels like it’s across the universe. Too far to reach. (Another fault, perhaps I look at the world with a half empty cup rather the preferred half full). All in due time, change is coming.

Let me know what your experience with the be kind to yourself challenge today was like down below!

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