The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Nineteen

The be kind to yourself challenge is now on day nineteen, a day to evaluate our surroundings and appreciate what we have. In moments of stress, simply looking around and appreciating what I have can alleviate some of the stress I’m experiencing. Noticing where I am in the physical world and taking note of the objects around me can allow me to get out of my head. I tend to overthink too much sometimes.

So much of my life is lived in my head and not what’s around me. For example, today I spent the entire day on my bed. Never moving and never escaping. Like I said, I overthink. It can be debilitating, like a paralyzation that prevents me from experiences, any kind of experiences. What’s strange about it, is that I become so accustomed to it that I wouldn’t dare try living any other way. This becomes the staple in my introverted ways but also the dividing factor of living with social anxiety or simply being anti-social.

Appreciation for where I am in life, I can’t always do that. Appreciating the things that I have, I can. A simple idea can relax a troubled mind. Maybe it’s only for a little while, but relief is necessary to survive in a place that not a lot of people live through. I know that, I’m aware of that fact, and I appreciate that.

Let me know what your experience with the be kind to yourself challenge today was like down below!

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