Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Six

Six days of being kind to myself have proven to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. For today’s exercise, it was to put my focus on someone else. My pet cat, Tigger. The reason behind this relies on my adeptness to shift perspective and take care of someone that isn’t me. I know it may seem that this is the obvious thing to do when you’re a pet owner, however, Tigger is taken care of by many people.

It’s is at this moment that I realised that I wasn’t looking at who I can help. But rather, who can help me. Over the years I’ve become┬áneglectful to those who have offered their time and effort to my needs. I don’t acknowledge them for what they do, but rather I expect it. This is something I need to continuously work on because this is a trait I wish not to possess. It’s ugly.

The question that remains, is how did I end up like this? This is not how I was raised to be, this is not how I want to be. Bitterness, cynicism and unappreciative actions have led me down a path that I cannot follow any more. Who knew that I could learn all of this from taking care of a cat. A cat. Well, a cat that I love very much so! It’s a curious thing though, isn’t it? The love for someone else can allow a mirror to either reflect all that is good or all that is bad.

Let me know what your experience with the be kind to yourself challenge today was like down below!

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