The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Sixteen

On day sixteen of the be kind to yourself challenge, looking towards the sun and facing your fears can reveal what lies beneath your shadows. Your shadows have been hiding in a dark room, unable to see the light. The light is needed to unmask the darkness, allowing for warmth to take over. The cold will slowly fade and all that is left is your scars.

The scars will serve as a reminder. My scars unveil my shame and embarrassments. However, that is all in the past, allowing myself to step into the light to be seen is something to not be ashamed of. My presence matters and the difference is that I know that now. My fears kept me from breaking out of the shell, my comfort zone. It acts like bars, barricading me within the confines of my mind. My head low, soft spoken, and unintelligible.

I lost myself and who I am within the boundaries of a small space. There was nowhere to grow and to learn. I didn’t allow myself to. My fears are weakening as I’m typing this, they have less meaning and effect on me. The be kind to yourself challenge has enabled and triggered something inside of me to explore. My exploration has just begun and the unraveling has been most enlightening. The shadows are lifting and now I can see past the barriers.

Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.

-Maori Proverb

Let me know what your experience with the be kind to yourself challenge today was like down below!

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