The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Thirteen

The be kind to yourself challenge is on its thirteenth day and today’s task will allow you to be more creative with your thinking. Visualization can be an exceptional tool to use to help shape the future you’re looking for. Think of your life as a blank canvas, then start dreaming up a life you can think of. There are no boundaries in visualization, it’s all purely your own desires.

This morning, right after I’ve woken from a sleepless night. I tried visualization, however, it was later on during the day that I realized that this was probably not for the best. The lack of sleep and the frustration caused by that lack of sleep created a mindset that was not prepared for visualization. This would be my first learning experience that was caused by a negative circumstance. I will take away from this experience is how critical your mindset is when using these tools.

So, today I had a bad day. I sit here, writing this, telling myself that it’s more than okay. It’s to be expected. The most important thing is to learn from it and hopefully gain new knowledge on how to handle it for next time. I took myself out of company’s way, took the time to sit with myself and evaluate. Evaluation has become the most interesting process of this challenge, a process that I look forward to now.

Let me know what your experience with the be kind to yourself challenge today was like down below!

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