Be Kind To Yourself Day Three

For today’s challenge, the goal was to set time out of the day to write. The idea was simple and it is, but the execution of that goal is harder than it seems. To write on a daily basis is no easy feat, however, to schedule time to write every day is even harder. We all have things that need to be done, or the lack of discipline prevents any kind of accomplishments.

Looking at the larger picture, the true goal of today’s challenge was discipline. Being able to examine the tasks at hand and how effective you were at completing them. For today’s challenge, I must say that I did not succeed with the same intentions that I had earlier. However, I am pleased to note that I am making progress with discipline.

Discipline is like a muscle, it takes time and practice to achieve the goals that you want. If it’s time that I need, then it’s time that I will give. The imperative nature of time and discipline will indeed aid in any success of the future. I know this now and I’m glad to have learned this today.

Let me know down below what your challenge was like today and what did you learn from it?

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