The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty-Six

It’s day twenty-six of the be kind to yourself challenge and today is about learning to manage our emotions by logging and analyzing them. A true understanding of our emotions and their origins can allow for us to break free from their chains. Today is about getting to the root of our emotional instability and knowing where to go from there.

It’s always a good idea to start where you are. Even if you’re feeling good today, acknowledge it and accept how it came to be this way. Then, when a negative emotion overcomes and overwhelms you, you will be able to appreciate the happier state of mind you were in the past. The next question I will ask you, what do you do during those down moments? Is there anything that you do to help make you feel better? Or perhaps you might do something that makes you feel worst?

For myself, I use food as a tool to help with negative emotions. I would most certainly categorize myself as an emotional eater. While I’m eating, it feels so good! As soon as the last bite is taken, I feel overwhelmed by guilt and start to shame myself for what I did. I never forgive myself for treating myself that way but doing this challenge, I can allow myself to be vulnerable and accept why I treated myself that way. Logging my emotions have enabled me to notice a pattern, a pattern that can most definitely be broken and changed for the better.  I hope you’re having a wonderful day, I’ll write to you tomorrow.

Let me know what your experience with the be kind to yourself challenge today was like down below!

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