The Be Kind To Yourself Challenge Day Twenty-Two

It’s day twenty-two of the be kind to yourself challenge and three weeks has officially passed! The time is going by much quicker than anticipated. For today’s challenge, working on small goals that help achieve your dreams is a great act of kindness. I often believe that my dreams are too unrealistic. With that impression, I would always ask myself, why to bother doing anything about it at all then?

It’s come to my realization that listening to other peoples opinions, only evoke their fears that they project onto us. It’s either happening to us or we do it subconsciously. If you have something pulling at you to do something, then it’s much easier to work on it. Rather than having something that forces you to push to do it. A dream is a pull, but the people are the push. Working on that dream becomes a focal point in your life but a fear in others.

Be kind to yourself and work a little bit on that dream. You deserve that chance, you deserve to accomplish that dream. You’re doing it for yourself. It will take a while before you realize that you might need to be a little selfish to do this. But that’s more than okay. Be selfish, be daring and be a hard worker. If it takes selfishness to accomplish something, do it. I’ve learned that selfishness is the only way to overfill your cup. It’s only when you can overfill your cup before you can give. Be selfish.

Let me know what your experience with the be kind to yourself challenge today was like down below!

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