Day 2 of the Be Kind To Yourself Challenge
Day Two


On the second day of the Be Kind To Yourself challenge, the focus was to resist the urge to check social media and focus on breathing. What came about from this exercise was unexpected. I think the underlying reason for resisting the urge to check my phone, was to stop comparing myself to other people. Over the past couple of weeks, this has been a major issue.

The realization that I’ve been comparing myself to other people came when the feeling of being alone overwhelmed my emotions. The feeling of being alone was attached with a negative emotion, comparison. I’m always judging and interpreting where my life is at this moment, and how someone else’s life is being lived. It causes great anxiety knowing that I’m not achieving the same goals as other people are, but yet I feed the addiction by using social media as a cover up.

I’m hiding behind a screen, devaluing my own worth by not taking the time that I need to explain to myself that I worthy. It takes time, my journey is going to be different than yours. But it doesn’t mean that it’s better, it only means that it’s different. I’m used to being different, and that’s okay. I used to take such pride in being different. Now, I’ve become someone I don’t even recognize.

The further I journey on the path of self-discovery and the challenge that is the Be Kind To Yourself, the further I can get back to my roots that make me, me. Let’s forget about people that make us feel undeserving and start allowing space between the social media and the selves that allow us to become addicted to it. This is a lesson that guarantees growth because it contains lots of pain and pain is absolutely necessary to learn.

Hope you’re experience was just as thrilling and intimidating, let me know!

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