I think that true beauty is being able to create stillness in a storm, and slowly approach your path with confidence. The storm, the noise, the loud volumes consume and band together to purposely disrupt your journey. But it’s in the stillness that we can appreciate the storm and also move past it.

It’s like holding a mirror to your true reflection, slowly revealing your truth to the world and to yourself. It’s only when the universe can see who you are, that it can grant the desires you wish. Or so I have been told.

There’s hope, still. Because I know, as of right now, that I’m on the right path. All I need to do is close my eyes, and open my mind to the possibilities that my light is guiding me through. You see, it’s in stillness when the chaos becomes clear, and the noise dissipates┬áto nothingness. You’re surrounded but stillness lets you go. Embrace

Learn to embrace your thoughts and then learn to let them go. Become still.

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