It’s been a while. But a few nights ago, I had a dream. I dreamt of a black panther, lurking in the shadows of my mind. As daylight came, it started to approach me. I was petrified, too scared to even move. I was standing still, staring right at it. And it stared right back at me.

I was paralyzed, unable to even think of what to do. Fear took over me and I knew I was in danger. But what was I suppose to do? Any way you think of it, I would be mauled. The black panther continues her approach, growling, losing her patience. She leaps at me.

Then I wake up.

I haven’t been able to interpret what the black panther means. I’ve been searching for a reason why this particular dream has been so memorable. What I think it means, is that the black panther resembles some kind of fear. It could be the fear of the unknown or possibly it could be the fear of success. A black panther to me resembles strength and power, while in solitude. Could the black panther resemble my future? Could the panther be me, and now I’m destroying the old me?

There are so many ways to interpret dreams, and this one has by far, baffled me the most. The question that I’m most concerned with is, should I take action because of this dream? Or should I leave it alone because it is just a dream? I’m still deciding. And perhaps that is my downfall. Hope you’re having a wonderful day, and as always, I will write to you soon.

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