I always find it surprising how neglectful I am towards my own body and mind, but then again, it shouldn’t be a surprise considering the minimal effort. When I see somebody with a presumably fit body, with a nice hair cut and taken care of skin, I become self conscious. I’m very aware of my insecurities, it almost feels like my senses are overwhelmingly heightened. To calm myself down, I say “I will eventually be like that”. But then I get depressed, knowing that I will most likely not be that person, the person with the perfect body, the perfect hair, and the perfect skin.

I’ve been learning to ignore that part of myself, the part that is overly optimistic and also the part that is negative, powerfully negative. I must be realistic with my thoughts, because my thoughts become my actions. I remind myself this fact, everyday, every hour, every minute that I’m trying to kill that negative part of myself. I’ve learned that taking care of yourself is more psychologically beneficial than it is physically helpful. Sure, I can have a muscular frame but what does that entail? My body isn’t enough to take care of, I need to take care of my brain.

I need to be more mindful about my own thoughts, and my own actions. But, as well as, other peoples thoughts and actions because it’s my reactions that will have a greater affect. Slowly, I start to remove the negative thoughts, and replace them with the positive thoughts. I know it’s hard, I know it takes a lot of effort. But isn’t it worth it in the end? To be more proud of my mental health, and even psychical health?

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