No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
     Usually when I see or read an exceptional quote, I write it down. But I never look at it again. There is a distinct feeling when I have an emotional connection with an affirmation or quote. It’s hard to describe, other than it’s like I wanted to say those things, but don’t have the vocabulary or articulation to write it on paper. I’ve always struggled with connecting my true emotions and vocalizing it into realization, but instead I’ve become a master at hiding my emotions and covering it up with a nonsensical reaction. By reading what other people write, I’m able to uncover these emotions that I’ve been neglecting.

     One of my favourite quotes that I can’t seem to forget:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Origin is unknown.

     It reminds me of my insecurities, but it also reminds me that I must take ownership of them. By overcoming my insecurities, I’m able to withstand the negativity from other people. I’m made to feel powerful, confident, and strong, not weak, anxious, and broken. Although I remind myself that it’s okay to be all of these things, or some of these things, just as long as I’m not overpowered by the negative thoughts. I think the “no one” in the quotes can also refer to yourself.

     It’s very strange how one sentence can create a whole cloud of thought. It makes reading that much more exciting, reading between the lines and then taking it a step further. To analyze a piece of text and apply it to your own self, and therefore to analyze yourself. It has the ability to broaden your mind, and get closer to your true self. It allows for you to be accepting of others and understand what they go through in life as well.

     Remember to have a wonderful day, make it worth your while, because you’re worth the time!

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