It was too late before I came to the realization, that my Focaccia was not prepared properly. The consistency of the dough remained when taking a bite out of the Italian bread. Which by the way, is really fun to make! But definitely not fun to eat. As I followed the recipe and read it over again to check to see where I went wrong, I realized that I missed a crucial step in the success of making bread. Proving. I didn’t let the dough rise, and it failed to rise to the occasion.

The smell of the rosemary, completely sold me on this dish. I was willing to take more bites simply for the rosemary, mixed with olives and tomatoes. During the process of making the Focaccia, I hadn’t noticed how much time had passed. Gathering the ingredients, preparing the meal, and cooking the dish took more time than I care to share. There is one thing that I can say with confidence, I truly enjoy the process of cooking.

I will be trying this again tomorrow, knowing the mistakes and being able to learn from them allows for a more enjoyable experience in the kitchen. My family was empathetic and encouraging, and that’s all I could ask for. I won’t give up. Thank you for your time, and as always, I will write to you soon.

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