Perhaps it’s the will to fight and not give up that makes the intensity of joy a more existential experience. Is it the wonderment of a different life that makes the fight more worthwhile, or the actual journey itself.

Joy feels like a glow, coming within and reaching outwards. The only question that I can conjure is, how far does my joy reach? Is it an exponential reach, or is it for my own universe that I concocted in my mind. Is that what really matters though? Shouldn’t the experience of joy be more fulfilling than the aftereffect?

One thing that I do know for sure, is that it feels immeasurably good. However slight, however time limiting, it genuinely feels good to know joy. It’s an exploration type feeling, filled with the abundance of curiosity mixed with absolution. Happiness, as it may seem, is utterly and unequivocally overrated. Joy should be the goal.

It becomes clear that the future is filled with a light, similar to how the stars shine in the middle of the unknown darkness. Again I ask, how far does that light reach?

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