the unsureness of it all...

It’s my summer break. I have lots of time, but yet it feels like its passing by, and I’m having a difficult time grasping the reality that is time. I ponder too much about life that isn’t happening and begin to miss the life that is actually happening.

Is this my reality? Is this what I’ve created for myself in this life? In vast emptiness, all the things that I can see, aren’t actually there. It’s part of my imagination. What’s left of it all, is a memory, a memory spent standing still and not doing anything about it. I come to the realization how imperative it is to move. But the question always remains, to where?

A second question arises, and it’s usually, why am I like this? I could be a “do-er”, but yet I don’t do anything. Why am I letting fear get the best of me? What happened in my life that caused me to be this way?

And will it last?

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