Sometimes I have days when I’m feeling down. Feeling depressed. Sometimes they last for a day, sometimes weeks, and at the worst, sometimes months. However, I seem to have lost the moments of sadness. I missed those moments because they remind me of a certain time in my life that I enjoyed. Or maybe its about losing someone that I love, and grieving that lost by giving the respect it deserves. Sadness seems to last for so long, that moments no longer seem to exist.

     I appreciate sadness, I respect it. It has added a new perspective in life. In my life. In certain ways, I feel grown up and I’m able to change as a person because of it. I’m learning to cope with sadness, and understanding its position. It has given me the ability to appreciate life a little more. I’ve taken so much for granted and I wish I could go back to acknowledge precious moments that I will never have again.

     I used to be scared of sadness. Scared that I won’t be able to find any other kind of emotion, that I would be sad for the rest of my life. I have a lot of fear, fear the worst and the best. I think being sad is part of the ripple of fear. My pond is small but its full with ripples that I have no control over, some are more powerful and others are weak and small. But learning to appreciate all of them has become my greatest challenge.

     All I have to do is remember that its okay to not be okay. Every once in a while, its okay to be sad. My thought (advice just seems like the wrong term to use) is embrace your sadness, appreciate what it gives you. But remember to let that moment go, do not let it stay its welcome. You’re more than that one emotion, don’t let it overtake your life because that is not a life worth living. I hope you have a great day, even if you’re not feeling your best.

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